Jan 012013

Lincoln, the official mascot of Advance Concept.  Wow! What a big title for little ole me. 

So you ask, how did I get such a big title?  It just all came to me.  I was brought to my new home when I was just a puppy.  I came from a place called Oklahoma and I had a long ride in a big truck with horses riding in a trailer behind. That is where I got my love for going.  I couldn’t believe it when I got to my new home, horses, and lots of land, tractors and other dogs.  They are all bigger than me so I made friends with the biggest, and we’re still best buddies. We have official duties to do, we greet everyone who drives up the driveway and we keep close eye on the horses and all of the heavy equipment.  We often go exploring, around the new barn being built, out to the far fence in the far pasture.  That is my favorite thing to do, go exploring.  I also made friends with Kurt; he’s the general manager of a construction company called Advance Concept Construction.  I like to go riding in the semi truck and then to ride in the tractors all day.  I have been all over building barns and other projects from Park City Ut, Chama NM and many local projects.  I have learned many important things about construction and want to share them with you.   And that’s how I became the official mascot. So come along with me as I explore more of the world of construction and share some important things I have learned.