May 312012

1.  Does my home have lead paint?
A.  If your home was built before 1978, it could have lead paint.  The older the home, the more likely it has it.

2.  What is the danger of lead paint to me, my family, and pets?
A.  Lead paint is hazardous if it is chipping or if it is disturbed in a remodeling or repair project.                          

3.  Why do I need to be concerned about lead paint?
A.  Lead paint is a neuro toxin, causing brain damage, especially in children.  It can also cause kidney damage in adults.

4.  Does the lead paint need to be removed from my house?
A.  As long as the paint is not chipping off, it is safe.  Any renovation, repair, or painting should be done by a certified contractor to protect your family.

5.  What if I want to do the work myself?
A.  Homeowners can do the work themselves.  To protect you and your family from exposure to lead, why not take the EPA Certification class!  You don’t have to be a contractor to participate.

6.  How about the outside of my house?
A.  The EPA ruling also covers the outside of your house.  Chipped paint or dust caused by repairs can contaminate the soil where children and pets can carry it into the house.

7.  I have a plumbing leak, do I need to hire an EPA Lead Paint certified plumber?
A.  Any work that disturbs more than 6 square feet of painted surface must be done by a certified renovator (including plumber, electrician, painter, and handyman).

8.  What if I am a tenant?
A.  Make sure your landlord and/or property manager only hires certified renovators.

9.  How do I know if I have been exposed to lead paint?
A.  Your doctor can order a blood test that will check for levels of lead.

10.  What if I still have questions about lead paint?
A.  Visit the EPA web site at OR call us:

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