Oct 222014

The EPA has extended the re-certification date for all of you that took the initial class before April 22, 2010.

In the October 2014 newsletter, the EPA announced:

Renovator certification expiration date

Renovator certification is typically for 5 years from the date of course completion. However, in 2009, EPA extended the 5-year certification of renovators who took an EPA accredited renovator training before April 22, 2010 until July 1, 2015. The extension ensured that renovators who received training early, before the regulations work practice standards were effective, weren’t penalized for doing so.

The EPA has also announced that renovators are responsible for providing their initial certificates to the training provider to prove eligibility to take the refresher course.  If you took your class from KTM WWG LLC or from Advance Concept Education, no worries – we have your certificate on file.  Just let us know prior to class and we will have your copy ready.

Eligibility for refresher training

A certified renovator or dust sampling technician is eligible to take the refresher course if the course is completed before their previous certification expires. The trainer must collect a copy of each student’s prior course completion certificate demonstrating their eligibility to take the refresher course. The trainer must retain these training certificates for a period of 5 years.
Don’t let your certification lapse!  If it goes over the 5 years, you will be required to take the initial course again (8 hours) instead of the refresher course (4 hours).

Renovators seeking re-certification who complete a 4-hour refresher training before the expiration of their current certification are certified for a period of five years from the date they complete the refresher course, not from the date of expiration of their previous certification. Renovators will have to take the 8-hour course if they fail to take the refresher training before the expiration of their current certificate.

Questions? Please call us at (505)715-5481 ext. 1101.  We provide continued support to our students!

We will begin teaching the refresher course in the spring.

Advance Concept Education is EPA Certified RRP Instructor.  Classes are held in Albuquerque, NM.  Classes can be held around the state for a minimum of 8 students.  Contact us for details.  (505)715-5481 ext. 1101 or email inquiries to anne_bowker@advanceconceptgroup.com

We look forward to having you in class.