Jul 312013

Today we’re going to visit a home in Albuquerque to look at doing a remodeling job.  New places to explore and new things to look at, oh boy I love my job.  This house is in an older part of town with tall trees and quiet side streets.  Kurt, my contractor friend, is talking  to the homeowners about their house so it’s time for me to go exploring.  Hmm, what’s this, did somebody drop some crumbs for me to lick up?. Sniff, sniff. Nope, it’s just paint chips.

“Lincoln, come back here”, Kurt says.  He doesn’t usually raise his voice to me, I wonder what’s up?  I better pay attention here to what is being said.  “Lead paint!” “ This house might have lead paint?”  Kurt picks me up and holds me, he doesn’t want me to get paint chips on my paws until he knows for sure.  He gives the homeowner a pamphlet that says “Renovate Right” and tells them all about the hazards of lead paint.  It says that lead paint was used on many homes built before 1978 and that lead paint can be toxic if paint chips are ingested or if we breath dust from a wall painted with lead paint during a remodel project.  Wow, I’m glad Kurt is holding me right now.  Kurt gets out his test kit and sure enough, this house has lead paint. 

Kurt explains to the home owner how Advance Concept is a certified lead safe contractor that has special training to work on homes that are older than 1978 .  This training is required for any home older than 1978 even if it does not have lead paint.  He goes on to tell them that Advance Concept’s crews are also trained as required by the EPA.

Kurt explains all the precautions he will take during the project to keep the homeowner, their family, pets, and all my friends (employees) at Advance Concept safe during the project.

“Well little buddy,” Kurt says, “you won’t get to go on this project with me.  They don’t make dog size respirator masks or protective clothing however you can help me do all the paperwork in the office.”

I’m glad Kurt is going to keep this family safe during their remodel project.