May 292012

The EPA has made a few changes to the Lead-Safe RRP Rule.  First, RRP certification allows for the collecting of paint chips to be sent to a lab for testing.  This is good news because it helps with the cost of hiring a dust sampling technician.

Second, the EPA has clarified the containment ruling for exterior work.  If the wall being worked on is less than 10 feet from the property line, vertical containment is required.

There is a new Renovate Right pamphlet that is required to be given to homeowners and tenants.  The new pamphlet includes additional information for home owners.

Just a reminder to all of our former students, we are available to answer your questions.  And if you need any document samples emailed to you, let us know.  Just another service from Advance Concept!

A month ago, we received an email, official looking (aren’t spammers getting good!), to inform us that on June 30, 2012, the EPA is going to make the RRP rule apply to all commercial buildings, not just child occupied.  So we contacted the EPA to get the right answer.  It is currently under consideration but a date has not been set.  That one can be chalked up to the internet rumor mill!  We will keep you informed when a change is made.

Remember, if it’s red, it LEAD.  Please be safe when working in older homes.  For more information or class schedule, please visit our web page or call us: (505)715-5481.

lead paint present
Positive lead paint test on door in Mossman home, Albuquerque.