Dec 052018

Beautiful home            Beautiful remote location        Congratulations to our crew!

It’s funny  how many places in New Mexico claim to be “the middle of nowhere”.  But this location can certainly make that claim.  One can see over a hundred miles in all directions.  Stunning.  

Getting there was a bit tricky, 20 miles of forest service roads that the rain and snow played havoc with.  As always, our crew met the challenge.  We delivered most of the materials ourselves.  We met very nice people along the way, some wildlife and even a stray dog who found a home with our general manager.  

This was a complete building project including plans, engineering, soil testing, foundation, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, propane, framing, roof, stucco, and finishes.  We even laid the brick floors!  Beautiful finishes chosen by the homeowner make this a truly unique custom home.  

Advance Concept congratulates the crew on a job well done.