Jan 052013

Me here, on my way to Northern New Mexico to our new job site.  We will be building the house my buddy Jeremy designed and created the plans for.  Jeremy is an architect, and along with Sofia, our interior designer, they met with the homeowner to make everything just the way she wanted it.  That’s what I call team work!   We took a lot of trips to government buildings to get everything approved and permited and now we’re ready to start building. 

Soil compaction test This is the rig from Earthworks.  They are testing the soil to see how the foundation needs to be built.  If the dirt doesn’t compact well, we will have to anchor the floor to deeper, more stable soil.  They drilled down to the top of the drill, and then they put on another piece and drilled some more.  That’s a deep hole!




laser equipmentThe site was carefully laid out so the house sits right where the homeowner wants it to be.  My friend Kurt, the general manager at Advance Concept, uses his laser to put all the stakes in the ground.





tractorAnd now the best day of all, the tractors.  I’m here, just hanging out inside the tractor, but you can see we have it almost level and ready for the trenching.





tree removal for site clearanceWe also had to remove a few trees, only enough to keep the house safe in case there is a wild land fire.