May 092012

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? If you’re like many Americans, you and your family may spend much of your time hanging out in the kitchen– cooking, eating, cleaning, and entertaining. Some people even go as far as to suggest that the kitchen is the modern day living room! If this sounds like you, then it follows that your kitchen should be a well equipped, comfortable and efficient part of your house. Not to mention beautiful. If you’re considering investing in remodeling your kitchen to be all that it can and should be, then read on.

custom kitchen remodel

A typical kitchen remodel including new appliances, lighting, fixtures , flooring and cabinetry can easily cost you somewhere between $20,000-$50,000. And if you start moving plumbing and electrical, and select high-end finishes and materials, it can exceed those figures. That’s why it’s important to consult with a professional designer and contractor to develop a budget and plan that’s right for you.  The following bullet points will help you get started.

1.  BUDGET:  How much are you financially comfortable in investing on this project? Do you have funds in savings or are you willing to secure a loan?  Remodeling your home can be a rewarding and exhilarating process, but if you’re spending more than you can afford, you may become stressed out and unable to fully enjoy the outcome. It’s always best to wait for the right time before committing to any remodeling project.

2.  PRIORITIZE:  Take some time and really think about what your needs are and what you want to tackle first. You may be enamored with the idea of a six burner Wolf stove and oven combo, but if your cabinets are falling apart and the linoleum floor is gauged from the time you moved in the fridge, you may want to address those things first.

3.  LAYOUT:  A big part of a kitchen’s efficiency is the way it’s laid out.  You may have heard of the work triangle, a term used to describe the relationship between the range, refrigerator and sink. Proper placement of these three objects is key in defining how user-friendly your kitchen is.  Making sure that you’re able to perform basic tasks easily (such as getting from the fridge to the sink to wash vegetables, and then from the sink to the range and prep area to chop and cook the vegetables) is an important aspect of any kitchen remodel.

4. ACTIVITIES: Other than the basics, what activities do you anticipate will take place in your kitchen? Do you entertain often, and have people roaming around while you cook? Do you want the kitchen to be kid-friendly—a place where they can come and prepare their own snacks? Are you an avid baker and need plenty of counter space and storage? Taking the time to establish how your kitchen can improve and compliment your lifestyle is essential.

5.  COMPATIBILITY:  Lastly, it’s important to consider the rest of your home when developing a plan for your new kitchen.  As a general rule (and particularly important when talking about resale value),  you never want to veer too far off from the rest of your home. If you put in tens of thousands into a modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles but the rest of your home is a modest 1930’s casita, you may never fully get a return on your investment.  Unless you plan on living there forever and it’s what best suits you, you’re probably better off taking a more conservative approach.


Advance Concept Construction has a team of professional designers that can assist you in making all the important decisions for your kitchen remodel.  Call today for a free estimate and let us help make your dream home your real home!  Located in Albuquerque, we provide service to all of NM.