May 292012

We hope you never need this information, but as homeowners, and even as tenants, emergencies do happen and it’s best to know what to do.  Have you ever wondered if something was an emergency with your home?  The big top three are:

1.  If there is a fire, get out of the house (or apartment) and call 911.
2.  If you smell gas – again, get out and call 911.
3.  And of course medical or life threatening emergencies, call 911.

If water is coming into your house from a roof leak or plumbing leak, OR
If there is structural damage from a disaster, OR
If your heating and cooling system isn’t working, OR
If you need snow or ice removal:

Call Advance Concept Construction, we make house calls!  (505)715-5480

We serve Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Placitas, Los Lunas and the entire East Mountains including Moriarty and Estancia. 

We also make emergency heating (furnace) and cooling (air conditioner and swamp cooler) calls.  Fixing a furnace in the middle of the night might be necessary to keep the pipes from freezing and breaking, and it might be necessary to keep you healthy and well.

Cooling systems can be emergencies too.  We repaired an air conditioner last summer on a holiday because there was a sick child who couldn’t tolerate the heat.

When someone’s roof blew off in the big wind storm last weekend, we had a crew of 5 out there including our electrician to fix the broken wires and restore power to the house, our roofer, and our plumber to take care of the swamp cooler.  That’s the difference a self-performing contractor can make!  We have all the trades working for us, no waiting around for sub-contractors to show up, that’s why we say, “One phone call does it all”.

roof damage







Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?  Regular maintenance can help avoid many problems.  If you notice water stains on walls, ceilings, or floors, it’s best to get them taken care of right away before mold and rot become a problem too.  Structural damage can occur over time from a small drip.

This picture was taken in a closet, on the other side of the wall is the shower.  An improperly installed tile wall allowed water to leak through, destroying the wall in the closet.

damage to wall from water leak







And don’t forget to check the outside of your house as well.  Places where the plants grow taller, even though they don’t get watered, are suspect for a water leak.  Concrete patios and sidewalks may also show the signs of water stains.  Swamp coolers can be a source of water leaks.  A roof and the underlying decking can be ruined from the drips of a swamp cooler.

And what about roofs?  We recommend a yearly maintenance and inspection for all flat roofs. Shingle roofs should be inspected every 2 years and metal roofs and tile roofs every 5 years.

If you live in a home or apartment that was built before 1978, there may be lead in the paint or stain used on any of the surfaces.  Lead wasn’t just put in paint, it was also used in stains and varnishes.  It could be on trim, floors, walls, or ceilings, inside and out.  Is there lead paint in Albuquerque?  Yes, definitely!  The EPA has passed a law that states that all repair work that disturbs more than 6 square feet of interior (or 20 square feet of exterior) surface must be done by an EPA Certified Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) firm.  This ruling was meant to protect you the occupant, the workers, and even your pets, from the harmful effects of lead.  Undisturbed, lead paint does not create a hazard, it is when we do renovation and repair work and create dust that it becomes a problem.  Lead is a toxin that affects the nervous system of both children and adults.  We are not only a certified firm but we are also an EPA certified instructional facility.  All of our employees are individually certified.

We look forward to serving you, please call us if you have any questions.  There’s no charge for phone calls!  And we provide free estimates.