Jul 172013

Hi everyone, Lincoln here, back with some more construction news.  Let’s talk about flooring.  After running around all day on hard dirt and concrete and rocks, I really appreciate nice flooring.  Sometimes I nap on the floor, so you might say I’m a real creature of comfort when it comes  to a good floor.  Of course carpet is my favorite, but my friends at Advance Concept Construction say carpet may not always be the best choice.  The amount of traffic (and the number of my doggy friends) and the maintenance are some of the things to consider when choosing flooring.  And of course price.  But my friends at Advance Concept have you covered on that one.  They buy direct from the manufacturers and that saves you a bundle.  And since they buy from  several manufacturers, you get a lot of choices.  And the best part?  They will come to your house and help you find the right flooring.

I like to visit our showroom and see all the types of flooring.  Tile is fun because of all the patterns they can be laid in.  There’s a real nice ceramic that looks just like the expensive Saltillo tile, but it’s a lot more durable and about one fourth the price.  And of course there’s those really nice looking glass decorative tiles.  The house I live at has lots of dogs, and  people coming and going all day long so we mostly have tile because it is so durable and easy to keep clean.  I do live on a horse ranch so we track in a lot of mud!

Luxury vinyl tile is a new product and our showroom has lots of samples to show you.  You can have the convenience and easy care of vinyl with the look of wood or stone or tile. Karndean 1




And while we’re on the subject of vinyl.  We installed a real nice vinyl floor in a home that had heat welded seams and a nice coved finish.  The homeowner will have many years of easy maintenance with that floor.Vinyl floor coved





Mohawk 1And don’t forget my favorite, carpet.  The folks at Advance Concept can show you the different types of carpet including carpet tiles and tell you all about pads.  You can call my friends at (505)715-5481 ext. 1101 to arrange a visit to our showroom.

Remember what we always say, “dream, design, build”, so let’s get started!  For more information, you can also visit our flooring web pages.