May 312012

Advance Concept’s roofing department has this advice for all you home owners.  We’ll call it Roofing 101:

  • First and foremost, what you need to know about roof repair is ALWAYS make sure your roofer is licensed, insured and bonded.  If you don’t have a licensed contractor, this is what you’ll be facing:  any legal action if someone gets hurt, any property damage and paying for the job twice if not installed correctly.
  • On pitched roofs you can put many types of materials, shingles, tile or metal.
  • On flat roofs you can put modified torch down, tar and gravel, foam or standing seam metal.

Shingles – With New Mexico winds, 3 tab shingles are not a good choice.  They don’t have the wind ratings you need.  Dimensional shingles are the right choice.

Tile roofs  – Tile can be confusing for homeowners because the tile is NOT what protects your roof, it is the under-layment.  If you are getting a tile repair, do not let them caulk your broken tiles, it’s a waste of time and money.  To find a leak on a tile roof, tiles must be removed.  Most people decide to go with a tile roof for its only redeeming value – it looks pretty.

Metal roofs – There are many types of metal roofing, too many to list here.  The bottom line with metal roofs is to go with your standing seam, non-exposed fastener.  On the others, there is a small rubber O-ring that seals the screw. With exposure to weather elements, this little O-ring will rot away and cause a leak.  The standing seam can also go on a flat roof.  As an added bonus, there is an energy rebate on newly installed metal roofs for a limited time.

Now lets explore flat roofs.  First, if your contractor offers you a warranty without a a maintenance plan, you are not dealing with a reputable roofer.

Modified torch down is our personal choice for flat roofs as it is both cost effective and its lighter material which translates to less wear and tear on the trusses.  This material is also easier to maintain and repair.

Tar and gravel is another choice for flat roofs.  It is a heavy material and it is difficult to maintain.  Repair is almost impossible due to the may layers of tar and felt.  The gravel has to be removed to repair the roof.

Another option for the flat roof is foam.  Foam is noted as an extra insulator for the roof, but may times I have gone on a repair where birds bring their meal down to the cushy rooftop and peck away leaving nice little unseen holes that reveal themselves to the home owner in the next rainstorm.  Because of its sponge-like texture, it retains water and makes locating a leak difficult.

Just like regular maintenance on your car, your roof needs regular maintenance as well.  Maintenance is cost effective as it saves you money, time and damages later on down the road.  Flat roofs MUST have a check up every year!  Shingled roofs need a checkup every 5 years.  Metal needs to be looked at every 10 years .  Unfortunately, tile roofs don’t fall under this cost effective maintenance.  A Tile roof would have to be uninstalled to be checked for leaks.

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