Dec 282015

That was quite a snow storm.  With I-40 closed going on it’s second day now and the East Mountains with 2-4′ of snow, travel is difficult or impossible.  To make it worse, the rain that came first left a layer of ice under all that snow and now the winds have their own idea about where the snow will be.  Advance Concept Construction provides 24 hour snow and ice removal.  Our contracts can be on demand (when you call us) or auto dispatch (when you’re pre-set threshold is met).  We have blades, ice removal equipment and even snow blowers.  Our snow blower can move snow that’s 30″ deep in a path that’s 84″ wide. And it shoots the snow up to 50′!

Gather your kids around, they’ll love this video!

We also spread ice melt where requested.  Commercial customers – snow removal will reduce your liability exposure.  Call us to get a quote!  And we are fully licensed and insured. And since we are self-performing, your job will be done by our staff, not a subcontractor.

Call us (505)715,5481, ext. 1 to reach our staff (not some answering service).