25 Integrated Automation


Integrated Automation

Advance Concept provides installation and service for security cameras, controls, remote door access, networking, and other security measures.  You can be confident we will troubleshoot any problems and do the repairs right, not just put a temporary bandaid on them.  And our service team works after hours to make sure your property is secure.

See the difference a one stop shop can make!  Not only do we service the equipment but we do gate, door, and window repairs too.  We recently had a commercial customer whose access gate was hit by a vehicle.  Advance Concept did the welding for the gate repair and the controls too.  One call does it all!

Have you ever wanted to have a smart house?  There are many different options from whole house to home theater solutions.  Click below to learn more about the different systems and options available.

Home automation can be a real help for persons with disabilities.  We are an approved vendor with the state’s Mi Via (now Centennial Care, personal directive).  We provide you with all the paperwork you need after you’ve been approved.