Electrical Power and Control


When you think of electrical power, don’t just think of new construction.  Remodel projects often need upgrades to the electrical.  Want to add a hot tub or heated towel rack or heated floor?  Does your business want to add equipment?  An electrical upgrade may be required.  Advance Concept Electricians have combined 50 years experience.  And they are masters at conduit craftsmanship.  We have the equipment to custom bend and the experience to create conduit that will be atheistically pleasing for your project.  If your project calls for exposed electrical, you will love our work!  Safe, solid and structural.  And while we’re on the topic of safety, all of our electricians have been OSHA trained.

Control wiring for automation, integration, efficiency.
Residential or Commercial – add efficiency and comfort to your furnace and cooling system with programmable thermostats.  Add timers to bathroom fans so they don’t run all day and occupancy sensors to the lights.