07 Thermal and Moisture Protection


As part of Advance Concept’s One Stop Shop, we do all types of roofing.  Metal, shingles, and flat roofs.  What does one stop shop mean to you?  We have the crews to take care of the entire job, no subcontractors and we pass the savings on to you!  Does your swamp cooler, air conditioner, and other mechanical and electrical system need repair or service while the roof is being repaired?  No problem, one phone call and we do it all.

And we do roof maintenance too, saving you a lot over the years.

Thermal barriers (insulation) and moisture barriers are important not only to reduce your energy bill, but also to prevent mold.  Mold not only causes structural damage but is also a major health concern.  Products are available that are formaldehyde free to make your home or business a healthy place to be.

Is your project out of the ordinary?  Take a look at the roof on the 15 sided house!  And Advance Concept built the copula too.  Entire construction, site work to completion – that’s the advantage a one stop shop has for you.