Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone


There are a wide range of ceramic tile and natural stone products from low price to very expensive.  There is also a wide range of design avenues with both products with texture, color, and layout design.

Grout types – the basic types are Portland cement and sanded or epoxy grouts.  Material and labor costs for epoxy grouts are more than cement or sanded grouts.  The advantage to epoxy is your color will never change.  They are resistant to staining and damage.

Installation – An important consideration is the substrate.  There are certain backer-boards, isolation membranes and waterproofing products that can be considered to enhance the performance of the installation.  Also need to consider if expansion joints will be needed and where.

Tile layout – Can be used to incorporate different designs on the floor in the same area, like straight bond or diagonal.  Ttiles can also be installed on walls for design or extreme use like showers, kitchens, and commercial hospitality.

Types of tile –  Soft bodied glazed tiles are generally used for walls where there is no foot traffic.
Porcelain  are hard bodied glazed tile with a finish that will  take foot traffic.
Natural stone goes to the higher end of pricing and has a beautiful look.

Advance Concept has experience to discuss budget, product use areas, installation considerations, design considerations, and grouting options.  We have done thick set and thin set installations, wet area installations, shower installations for both tile and stone.  Our qualified staff will discuss your project and budget and provide you with a free estimate.  And we warranty our work!  We will provide you with a variety of product options from many suppliers.  We take the leg work out of choosing your tile!