Equine Jumps and Obstacles


Metal horse jumps and trail obstacles.  Why metal?

  • never rots like wood
  • doesn’t twist like wood or PVC
  • doesn’t crack like PVC
  • metal is as light (or lighter) than wood

Choose your options

  • metal poles
  • cup holders
  • simple standard or with winged design
  • add your barn logo, or design
  • vary the colors or make them all in your barn colors

Type of finishes available

  • painted, easy for you to touch up at home
  • powder coated, costs more, but finish has a long life
  • raw steel, ready for you to paint
  • blue hue (acid treated)

Custom made right here in the USA. Call us for a free estimate or fill out the form below, we will contact you shortly.

Advance Concept Construction is a licensed General Contractor in the state of NM and has certified AWS welders.

Can be shipped anywhere in the 48 states and Canada.

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