When you think of carpet, you probably vision 12 foot wide broadloom.  It is used in most residential installations, but there are other types.  Styles include:
selection of carpet                                       Variety of texture is shown in this berber carpet

Plush – flat feel of the carpet all the way across.           Berber – looped rows resemble a commercial carpet.
Carpet Cut and Loop                                       Carpet with patterns

Cut and loop has two different textures and                  Patterned has a repeating pattern of say a flower or design. 
two  different heights tufted into the carpet.                 Consideration has to be made to allow for pattern match and waste.
Large room rugs                                                                      Carpeting on stairs
Area rugs  can be combined with hardwood or ceramic           Carpet on stair, either entire stair or hardwood edges.
 provides sound softening and variety of texture.
Carpet tile for restaurant or office.

Carpet tiles are usually used in commercial and office areas.  They are more resistant to staining and traffic because of the amount of yarn used to construct the product.  Carpet tiles are on average 30% more expensive than broadloom carpet but can be installed with less waste to balance out the total cost.  Carpet tiles can be rotated from the high traffic areas to low traffic areas to extend the overall length of the carpet.  This rotation can be done by janitorial staff when trained by Advance Concept Construction’s flooring department.  Or sign up for a maintenance agreement with Advance Concept and we will clean and rotate the carpets and inspect for wear.  Keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come. Most carpet tile is available in 6 foot broadloom to allow for installation on stairs.
Advance Concept offers Carpet Maintenance
Carpet cleaning and maintenance.  Your maintenance schedule depends on the use of the carpet.   This is important for the lifespan of your carpet.

Certified Carpet Install At Advance Concept Construction, our experienced and certified installer will discuss all these considerations with you and then provide you with a free estimate.  Worried about budget?  For example, polyester is less expensive than nylon but doesn’t last as long.  There are many considerations to your budget, call us to get your questions answered.