Hardwood Floors


In today’s market, there has been a great number of new hardwood products come available under the heading of engineered hardwood.  Engineered hardwood is a thin veneer of a species of hardwood attached to a plywood body.  As with all hardwoods, both engineered and full thickness, the different species of hardwood have different hardness.  The  Consideration should not be just for color and shading, but for the end use areas.   Certain considerations should be taken when installing over radiant heat floors.  Humidity control can be a very important for the performance of the floor.  Not all engineered hardwood bodies are created the same – some are soft and some are more dense.  Some engineered hardwoods can be installed in a floating floor installation and some are glued in a conventional glue-down.  A floating floor installation involves less labor and can be done by a homeowner with some carpentry skills.  Glue-down and nail down installations are more difficult and generally require a trained hardwood flooring installer.  Hardwood flooring prices vary greatly depending on the species of the hardwood with cherry on the low-end and hickory on the high-end.

A hardwood installation is generally a substantial investment.  Some good questions to have answered are:
1.  Is the hardwood going to add to the value of the home.
2.  Are the environmental conditions going to comply with the hardwood requirements that are needed for product performance (humidity and temperature).
3.  Is the hardwood selected going to perform to the uses of the household, ie, dogs, furniture, moving of appliances.

Advance Concept will answer all these questions and any others you have and will offer options that might fit your budget and perform better than hardwood.  Please see our luxury vinyl tile page.