Floor Covering


Confused by all the options in floor coverings?  Wondering what you should choose?  How about all those bargain basement storefronts?

Advance Concept Construction would like to answer all your questions and give you the information you need to choose what’s best for your project.  Our certified and experienced staff will discuss your project and provide you with a free estimate.  We give you the options from many manufacturers,  it’s like visiting a mall full of flooring stores in the convenience of your home.

Carpet – There are a large variety of yarn systems, backing systems, styles, and colors of carpet.  There are considerations for budget, use areas for the carpet, and other factors to be evaluated before making a purchase.  Visit our carpet page to learn more.

Ceramic Tile – All tile are not the same.  Some items that people think are tile are actually natural stone.  There are many ways to design a custom floor with tile both with tile size and tile layout.  The substrate (what’s under that tile!) needs to be considered also.  Did you know that all tile isn’t the same quality?  Click here to go to our tile page and learn more.   Advantages of tile are it provides a cool floor in the summer and it will take a lot of hard use traffic.

Linoleum and Vinyl – Most people don’t realize that linoleum and vinyl are different products, designed for different uses and have different design characteristics.  Color, Green Build Certified (LEED), pricing, installation techniques, all need to be considered to choose the right product for the job. Learn the differences at our linoleum and vinyl page.

  Hardwood – All hardwoods are not created equal!  There are varying degrees of softness.  Attention needs to be to humidity control for proper expansion and contraction.  And there is a difference between full thickness hardwoods and engineered hardwoods in both price and performance.  More on hardwoods, click here.

Rubber flooring and sports floors – They are becoming more popular in residential installations for gyms and work-out rooms.  Rubber floors can be expensive but the resilience  and acoustics all make for a pleasant environment.  And at Advance Concept, we do commercial installation too.  Visit our rubber and athletic floor page.