1. Is your contractor licensed?
    Advance Concept Group is licensed as follows
  •  GB 98 General Contractor
  • MM 98 HVAC and Mechanical (Plumbing) Contractor
  • EE 98 Electrical
  • EL01 High voltage
  • GA 98 Asphalt
  • GF 98 Fixed works
  1. Does your contractor have references?
    Yes, check out our references page.
  2. Is the contract in writing?
    All projects receive a written contract. All service work receives a written estimate.
  3. What is the time frame of the right to rescind?
    72 hours from signing the contract except for service work.
  4. Will change order be in writing before the work is performed?
    All change order will be in writing and you will approve them before work is started.
  5. How many years has your contractor been in business?
    Advance Concept Group recently took over KTM was been doing work since 2001.
  6. Does your contractor have a project manager check your job regularly?
    You will have a project manager assigned to your job. He will visit your job site daily.
  7. Does your contractor provide you with substance abuse-free employees?
    Advance Concept Group has a drug-free policy and employees are not allowed to smoke on your job site.
  8. Does the contractor have a safety policy?
    Advance Concept Group has a detailed safety policy as part of the employee handbook. Your estimator can provide you with a copy upon request. Empolyees are OSHA 10 trained.
  9. If your home was built before 1978, is the contractor certified by the EPA to do lead-safe renovations?
    Advance Concept Group is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm and the only training facility local to Albuquerque.
  10. Does your contractor follow manufacturer’s specifications?
    Yes, Advance Concept Group will not take short-cuts that would void your warranty.
  11. Does your contractor provide emergency service 24/7 in the event of emergency?
    Advance Concept Group does provide emergency service.
  12. Does your contractor have a website?
    We hope you find the information here useful!
  13. Does your contractor offer a Preventative Maintenance Program for roofing?
    Yes, we will check your roof and do small repairs.
  14. Does your contractor have product warranty in writing?
    Warranty information from the manufacturer will be given to you.
  15. Is your contractor’s labor warranty in writing?
    Yes, labor warranty is provided on the contract.
  16. Does your contractor provide liability insurance?
    Advance Concept Group has liability insurance.
  17. Does your contractor provide workmen’s compensation coverage?
    Advance Concept Group workers compensation coverage applies to all our employees. Any sub contractors will also be covered.
  18. Does your contractor provide bonding or surety coverage?
    Advance Concept Group is bonded with the state of New Mexico.  We can provide job bonds if needed
  19. Does the contractor have a permanent place of business?
    Advance Concept Group has a warehouse facility at 2420 Standford NE C1, Albuquerque. We have equipment lots in the East Mountains.
  20. Is the contractor properly registered with the Department of Labor (Department of Workforce Solutions), IRS, State Taxation and Revenue, and have a local business license?
    Yes, Advance Concept Group follows all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations. We are a registered employer. All employees have legal work status in the United States.
  21. Is the contractor listed with the Better Business Bureau and what is their rating?
    Advance Concept Group is proud to be a BBB Accredited Business with a A- rating. As we continue to receive positive feedback from customers, we look forward to our rating going up to a A+.
  22. What is the cost to prepare the estimate? Will it be in writing?
    There is no cost to prepare the estimate which is always in writing. There may be architectural/drafting fees associated with plans and drawings.
  23. Does the contract state the scope of work?
    Yes, the contract will state the scope of work.
  24. Will a building permit be obtained? Will all the proper inspections be performed?
    Building permits will be obtained as required by law and inspections will be performed.
  25. Will the contractor be able to obtain materials at a lower cost than the homeowner, such as appliances, fixtures, etc.?
    Some distrubutors give discounts to contractors. Always ask your estimator before purchasing materials. Even large supply houses often give us a better price.
  26. Does the contract state what time work will begin and end each day?
    Yes, and please let your estimator know of any special arrangements you require.
  27. Does the contract have a start and end date?
  28. When will the project site be cleaned? If this is a remodel job, will your house be cleaned? Can you use that area of the house during renovations?
    Your remodel project will be cleaned at the end of work each day. Your access to the job area will depend on the nature of the work involved. If this is a project that has lead paint, you will not have access to the area for your safety until work is completed and the final cleaning is performed. Your project manager will discuss this with you.
  29. If the project is being financed through a bank, confirm that the monies will be available as the contractor progressively bills you for the job.
    Your estimator can help you with the details.
  30. What type of contract are you signing?
    The three basic types of contracts are stipulated sum or flat fee, cost-plus, and time and materials.
  31. Does Your Contractor Take Debit or Credit Cards?
    We accept Visa/ MasterCard / Discover / American Express.
  32. Manners and Appearance?
    A bit of advice we found that we thought we would pass on to you: If the contractor drove his vehicle to your home to give you an estimate, take a look at the way he keeps the equipment and vehicle. Are things clean? Neatly arranged? If not – that’s a big warning. The way a contractor treats his tools is a direct connection to how he’ll treat your home. During the initial meeting, does the contractor present himself in a professional way? Do you feel comfortable around him or his employees? They will be working in your home after all.