EPA RRP Re-Certification




REFRESHER COURSE INFORMATION: The extension period has now passed.  Individuals must take a refresher course within 5 years of their certification.  If you have missed this deadline, you will be required to take the initial course again. Refresher courses are 4 hours long.  The cost is $125 and includes the EPA Student Handbook
Classes are available as needed.  Please contact us to schedule a class.

Renovators seeking re-certification who complete a 4-hour refresher training before the expiration of their current certification are certified for a period of five years from the date they complete the refresher course, not from the date of expiration of their previous certification. Renovators will have to take the 8-hour course if they fail to take the refresher training before the expiration of their current certificate.

If you have any questions, please call us and we’ll help you figure it out!  Have questions about the different types of refresher classes and which one you should take?  Visit our Q&A blog page.  There is also a form on the Q&A page to send us your questions.  Or call us!  We’ve been answering questions for 8 years now!  We’re here to serve you.
“EPA modified the requirement that the renovator refresher training course have a hands-on component under the RRP program. Under the final rule, Renovators can take a refresher course without the hands-on training every other time they get certified. A course without hands-on training can be taken completely online. Renovators who take the online training will be certified for three years; renovators who take the hands-on training will be certified for five years. Modifying the hands-on requirement would give renovators easier access to trainings saving them time and money and possibly resulting in a higher number of renovators taking the refresher course.”

We also want to let everyone know that it is their responsibility to bring their course certificate with them to class to prove they are eligible to take the refresher course.  If you took the class from Advance Concept, no need to worry, we have your certificate on file.  Please let us know before class so we can have your copy ready.

Advance Concept Education is an EPA RRP Certified Instructional Facility.