Nov 232012

   Maybe you’ve seen this little poster, it’s been making it’s way around Facebook for several weeks.  The message is a good one, yes, let’s shop local and support our local employers!

We’ve also got a great idea for shopping weary gift giving:  a gift certificate for handyman services.  This would be the perfect gift for someone who needs somethings fixed around the house.  Our craftsmen will fix cabinet doors, squeaky hinges, put up some weather stripping, we’ll even send one of our plumbing staff to change the furnace filter or install a programmable thermostat.  The gift certificate is just $75 and covers a full hour of quality repairs, that come with a warranty!  (Materials are extra but will be discussed before beginning any project). 

We hope you have a happy holiday season.
The staff at Advance Concept Construction (505)715-5481