May 312012

Spring is in the air and people are starting to pay attention to their yards again.  It’s time to get things in shape for the barbecue parties!  If you’re like me and live in Albuquerque, the task of creating and maintaining a beautiful yard can be daunting. Not only is water a hot commodity, the high sun exposure can wreak havoc on green turf and other plants.  But if you’re ready to move up from rocks and junipers, then you should consider the drought-tolerant type of landscaping called xeriscaping. The main principle behind xeriscaping is simple:  landscape in a way that uses very little water.

You can achieve a beautiful and sophisticated landscape design with xeriscaping .  A colorful splash of wildflowers before a row of Apache Plumes can be a gorgeous accent in any entry courtyard.  But there are other incentives for turning to this method of landscaping.  Xeriscaping is the responsible, low-maintenance, and cost effective way to garden in our climate.  This gardening method promotes the use of native plants (and others that have adapted to our climate and thrive in low water conditions) and uses a water- efficient irrigation system. The design also considers the amount of sun exposure in the area when selecting and placing the types of plants, soil, mulch and rocks used.  By saving on water use you’re helping the environment and lowering your utility bill all at once.   Some counties even offer rebates!  In addition, not having to fertilize, water, and mow your yard as often is also a benefit. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your yard than working on it.


So go ahead- don’t be shy. Embrace the beauty of our native flora and choose it for your landscaping! But you don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy a beautifully xeriscaped yard. Advance Concept’s team can come and help you develop a beautiful landscape design, and then put it all in place for you. Give us a call at (505)715-5481 for a free estimate. We’ll come assess your goals and work with your budget!