Jun 272012

What flooring should I choose?
First, consider the use of the area.  How much traffic and the severity of the wear on the floor.  Consider the maintenance cycles.  Even residential should consider maintenance, how much time do you have to maintain your floors?  And of course last, but not least, budget.  The least price product might not be the best for overall life expectancy of the floor.   The difference in cost between the right product and the wrong one is not usually very much.

With all the different types of carpet, what should I consider?
Some yarn systems are more durable and resistant to staining and packing.  Nylon is usually better than polyester.  The amount of nylon,  the density, and the number of twists on each individual fiber should be considered.  The backing system is also a factor.

What are some of the different types of carpet?
Broadloom -a 12 foot wide sheet carpet, available with different backings.
Modular Carpet Tile – generally 2 foot by 2 foot tiles.  Their advantage is easy replacement in case of damage.  They can also be rotated from high traffic to low traffic areas to extend use of the overall floor.  Tile carpet is usually about 20% more expensive than sheet carpet but there is less waste so the overall cost may not be much more.
6 foot wide specialty backing systems – installed in peel and stick, they also have the advantage of being easily removed.

Mats for commercial entry.

What other options do I have for high traffic areas?
Walk off mats or metal frame mats with carpet inserts.  Or consider ceramic tile.

OK, what can you tell me about ceramic tile?
In its nature, ceramic is a hard surface so areas with large amounts of tile, there is a consideration of acoustics.  Carpets are a soft surface and absorb more sound.  Tile reflects that sound.

What do I need to consider about ceramic tile?
1.  Sub-floor conditions where isolation membranes might be required.
2.  Expansion joints in the sub-floor and consideration of expansion joints in the grout lines at prescribed intervals.

What types of grout are available?
Standard sanded grout and epoxy grout.  When deciding which type to use, consider durability, stain resistance, and of course price.

What types of tile are available?
There are many things to consider, but use of the area is a big factor.  When considering stones or tile, remember some stones are actually very soft compared to a fired porcelain tile.  And of course you should consider the color options available.

  Ceramic tile – Arby’s remodel project, Carlsbad, NM

Where can I get help deciding?
Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured.  And make sure they use trained or certified installers.   Do they offer a warranty?  Do they provide an estimate?

Advance Concept (formerly KTM) is a New Mexico licensed general contractor, bonded and insured.  We provide a written warranty on all our installations.  Our flooring department is certified carpet installers and our staff provides you with years of experience.  Call for a free estimate and our staff will be happy to answer your questions. (505)715-5481

Look for our next article on tile layout.