May 312012

After years of being subjected to bad fluorescent lighting in their kitchen, the owners of this home decided to make a change and hired Advance Concept Construction to design and install a better option. 

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Here you can see a before picture with Aron (a.k.a. “Sparky”) working away with a smile!


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And here’s a picture after the first phase of the project is complete: six can lights along the perimeter of the soffit.


The next step is to install a semi flush fixture in the center of the kitchen ceiling, along with two solar tubes. The cans will be put on a dimmer, and we’ll patch and re-paint the entire ceiling to clean it up. The result will be a better illuminated space, with general, accent and task lighting at hand. The light tubes will allow the owners to keep the lights off entirely during the day, and new LED screw-in light bulbs along with dimmers will not only be cost effective in the long run, but environmentally responsible as well. The existing fluorescent fixtures will be disposed of responsibly, as mandated by the city of Albuquerque. All in all, a feel good kitchen remodeling project for everyone!

Keep checking our blog for updates on the finished project!