Jan 032013

UPDATE FROM LINCOLN:  You are invited to visit our display anytime, it’s always set up at our showroom in the Comanche Business Park.  Please call the office before coming, sometimes we’re all out at a job-site and we don’t want to miss you!

Hi everybody!  Yup, it’s me, Lincoln, the Advance Concept mascot.  I’m sitting here on the Advance Concept semi truck with all the products that will be displayed at the home show in Albuquerque. My guys always say that safety is number one.  Everything is properly tied down and secured.






The Advance Concept carpentry shop built a variety of garden gates and doors on display.  This one has a speak-easy just for me and all my dog friends.





Our friends at Onyx Shower gave us this great shower for display.  They have so many colors and finishes available and of course all my friends at Advance Concept will expertly install the shower and even do all the plumbing.  You can see all their products at the Onyx web site





The whole structure was put together to feature our brackets and pole construction technique.  Lots of people are interested in this alternative form of construction.  We also have displays of ICF block.  My friends at Advance Concept will be building a house with ICF, check in on my next blog to watch the progress.